Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy holiday complaints revealed 2012

. Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy holiday complaints revealed

A list of bizarre holiday complains, such as the beds being too comfy and the food being too tasty, has been released by a travel website. compiled the list of the most outrageous feedback they have received from customers, which makes for amusing reading.
Popular gripes from Brits abroad included complaints about the weather being too hot, the resorts being filled with too many people from the UK, and about having to bring their passports for a trip to Dubai. Another woman also complained that she had put on 5lbs during her holiday because there was too much food on offer at the all-inclusive hotel.
One man also reportedly complained that he got in trouble with his wife in Majorca as she kept catching him eyeing-up the attractive bikini-clad women on the beach. While in another case, a husband said he felt “pressured” into making love to his wife because of a noisy couple in the next room.
While most holidaymakers look forward to some well-earned rest while away, one man actually complained that his bed in Portugal was so comfy that he couldn’t bring himself to get up and make the most of his day. Another was shocked to find out that a pair of “Prada” sunglasses he bought for £5 on the beach were fakes.
Co-founder of, Chris Brown, said that while the company tries to resolve all customer issues, it cannot be held responsible to the number of English tourists on a beach, weight gain incurred on holiday or the hot weather.
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