Saturday, April 14, 2012

The pearl of Turkey Oludeniz 2012

. Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paradise on Earth of natural beauty, rich history and cultural heritage around the world and Fethiye-Oludenizrightly gained a reputation in the paradise on earth.

"The Eden bestowed by God to the world called the Dead Sea, extending beyond the country's reputation has cost the world with a tourism center. Stunning beauty of Blue Lagoon, a tranquil and thrill like the name. Fethiye is 14 km away from the Dead Sea, lying between the pine trees suddenly hits the road after the blue man. Walk from the beach in this bold and unique sheep Belcekiz see Ölüdeniz. Dead Sea, like the thrill of magic ... Not even the bottom of the lagoon. Covered with white sands. The water and sand at the bottom of the famous turquoise color of the light is breaking the Dead Sea ... Extending from the coast, the lush pine forests, in the green, all shades of blue and purple can be seen from the warm sea, long sandy beach with the Dead Sea is a world wonder. In recent years, 1975 m. Babadağı'nın high peaks of parachute, the world's most breathtaking views of the face. This unique opportunity to swim in the bay, offering ten months of the year, many tourist facilities, restaurant, shopping center and has units.

Belcekiz Legend

      The name of the bay is a story that Belcekiz. In ancient times, to get drinking water from these ships and shore boat anchor in the open çıkarlarmış.

One day the old captain, a handsome bay to get water when his son saw a beautiful Belcekız'ı. Became at the sight of one another in love. However, the boy gotta go get the drinking water. The ship had gone away. Belcekiz always looked at the shore, observed the path of the lover. Each pass of the ship's boy came to get water from here, görüşürlermiş. One day the storm burst in passing here. Boy, is a sheltered cove where her father said. His father thought that the boy's girlfriend out to see the ship. Between father and son who grew up in a fight with the storm. Crash onto the rocks the ship thrown into the sea son, the father of a rowing stroke, and stuck to the wheel. And a full understanding of the situation at that time. Returned to the sea in a bay girmekteymiş such as bed sheets. The boy died there. The rocks loves to jump on the rocks waiting Belcekiz dead. Since that day, where she died Belcekiz, the young man died in the Dead Sea denmiş place.

Kıdrak Ölüdeniz Natural Park was declared 950 hectares were put under protection. Kıdrak Oludeniz Lagoon and Beach is at the same time, this area covers the area of ​​special environmental protection area and within the SIT remains.
      Governor of Mugla in the field of Recreation Facilities Kumburnu MELSA Ltd.. Sti. run by. Per year, 400,000 people make. Entry fee. One large and one small cafeteria services are available. Fast food and beverage sales of hair next to the corner of Orient are watching. Arranged for those who want to have a picnic in the picnic area.
      But the brazier to burn the May to October between the months of the ban. Sun beds and umbrellas can be rented. Guest toilet and shower services for free. 650 vehicle capacity parking lot is monitored by security cameras and officers.
The beach, water sports (canoeing, parasailing, water skiing, banana) in operation there. Let's for those interested.
      There are a lot of sales at MELSA'ya crafts. Hand-made products sold in Muğla region.
      This extraordinary piece of nature fastidiously taken care of cleaning.
      Belcekiz Beach, all with established laboratory measurements of the sea water is done daily.
      The beach is to get the ISO 14001 certification. Have in this document will be the first time in Turkey Kıdrak beach. 

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